You must have heard about the society of authors which is a trade union established for the sole purpose of protecting the rights of professional authors. The organization has been working since the year 1884 and up till now it has 9000 registered associates along with members. The SOA provides a lot of services to its members.

In this article we will see in detail what particular benefits you can get once you avail the services of SOA. Though all the benefits cannot be mentioned in a single article, however we will try to explain the most significant benefits which you can avail.

Eligibility criteria:

First of all let us be very clear that there is no rocket science behind the eligibility criteria of SOA. The criterion is very simple and not much is required to gain the membership. Though all clauses of the criteria cannot be mentioned here however it is understood that you need to be a professional writer/author or translator to avail the membership. Secondly, an agent or a publisher must have given you an official contract.

Membership Benefits:

Today SOA has 9000 members; well the reason why these 9000 members have stuck to the society is due to the benefits which they are getting. Some of the major benefits which you can gain after becoming a member are as follows

  1. RCPSG_member_benefits_logo_transparentAs a writer or an author you may face different kinds of professional issues. These issues range from agents, film options, copyright and publishers. Sometimes catering these issues can become a real headache. The Society of Authors helps you in solving all these professional issues and problems
  2. The company SOA offers contract vetting which is done in clause by clause sequence.
  3. Once you become the member of SOA all your professional negotiations with other entities are done by SOA. In other words you are being represented by SOA.
  4. As a member of the SOA you have access to the well-known journal “Author”. The Journal is rich with information and is a source of great learning.
  5. As a member you have access to the quick guide series. All the copies of the series are free for the members of SOA.
  6. The platform of SOA provide you the unique opportunity of meeting other well-known publishers, writers and agentsunnamed
  7. You have the opportunity to give lectures and talks at various meetings of regional nature as well as seminars
  8. Once you become the member of SOA , you can also avail the opportunity of becoming a member of other special groups
  9. Another unique benefit is that you can also avail free ALCS membership.
  10. The society of authors also offers insurances of specialized nature such as professional indemnity insurance, tax protection insurance and liability insurance

These were some of the unique benefits which you can avail as a member of SOA. If you are eligible for the membership of SOA then in such a case you should immediately apply for this exceptional trade union and enjoy the benefits which are mentioned above.

Hello to everybody! My name is David and I’m an author. I’m glad that I’m part of the great “Society of Authors Across the World”. I’m sure that everyone loves to express his/her opinion and thoughts. But not everyone has the courage to do it. I think that I had realized that I really love to write when I was in high school. At that time I wrote a story for my literature class and my teacher was extremely satisfied with my work.

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