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Wanda Wyporska

Our April blog is written by Dr Wanda Wyporska, a new member, who recently attended two events run by the Society of Authors.

Clara Vulliamy

Judith Kerr and Shirley Hughes in conversation at the Society of Authors

March's blog is written by Clara Vulliamy, who is Shirley Hughes's daughter and was delighted to be at the Writers in Conversation event featuring Judith Kerr and Shirley Hughes in February.

Anna Ganley, Communications Manager

Our February blog focuses on our spring events programme, organised specifically for members and associates of the Society. It is written by our Communications Manager, Anna Ganley.

Barbara Hayes, Deputy Chief Executive, ALCS

The first blog of January 2014 is writen by Barbara Hayes from ALCS as they launch a survey aimed at discovering just how much authors are earning now.
The December blog is our annual round-up of activities by Anne Sebba and Nicola Solomon.

The Society's principal concerns this year continue to be the same as ever - protecting the rights and furthering the interests of authors. 

The award-winning and prolific author and illustrator Jane Ray writes our November blog, about the joy of illustrating and rediscovering old techniques. Jane's latest book, The Emperor's Nightingale and Other Feathery Tales, is out now.

Emily Gravett at Camley Street Natural Park

August's blog is written by Dylan Calder, Director of Pop Up Projects. He explains what Pop Up is working to achieve.

Moniza Alvi

June is the month in which the Society of Authors proudly gives £70,000 to 24 writers. Moniza Alvi, a freelance writer and tutor, is one of the judges of this year's Eric Gregory Awards and in 2002 was the winner of a Cholmondeley Award. In this month's blog she writes about judging and being judged.
This month's blog is written by Kirsten Grant, Director of World Book Day, which this year took place on Thursday 7 March. In the immediate aftermath, she shares her thoughts with us.

Five things I have learnt about working on World Book Day

1. Creativity Rules

Photo by Alice Hunt

February's blog is written by James McConnachie, the current editor of The Author, the Society's quarterly journal. James is also a writer, journalist and member of The Society of Authors. To contact the editor, email theauthor@societyofauthors.org.

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