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Can I choose how I want to be contacted by people searching the online database?

When setting up your profile ('Edit my Writer/Translator Profile') you will be able to select your privacy/visibility settings - so you may choose how you would like people to contact you, if at all.

If you would like people to be able to contact you from your profile, choose 'I would like to be listed in the searchable online database', under Privacy Settings, whereupon you will be presented with three options:

  • Do not display any specific contact details for my entry - I prefer to be contacted via the Society
  • Display third party contact details for my online entry (e.g. agent/publisher/PA)
  • I choose which details can be viewed on my profile and by whom. You may choose to show your location, telephone number, email address and website to nobody, to other members only, or to everyone (which means that the information you choose to display will be made public, and will appear in the results of internet searches).

Please think carefully before selecting your privacy settings.

For further information about the Society’s privacy policy, please click here.

If you have any queries please email info@societyofauthors.org or contact the Society’s office by telephone on 020 7373 6642.


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