1. Why should we write?

Well, this is a very good question. Every author writes for different reasons. Some of them writes in order to be free from their fears, experiences or trauma. Other authors write because they feel that in this way they are transmitting their knowledge to future generations. Or maybe you will find authors that write in order to become famous and recognised all over the world. My goal when I write is to express my beliefs and my ideas. Maybe someone will find those ideas helpful. I can say that every person who wants to read something according to his or her beliefs must find the appropriate book. In the world, there are numerous authors that are on the same wavelength with the readers. You just have to choose the right author.

2. Why to become a writer?

In my opinion, to become a writer is closely related with the idea to be passionate about reading and writing. I think that writing without reading, is like trying to play tennis without training. If you feel that your ideas, experiences and thoughts could be useful for at least one person in the world, then I think that you should choose to be an author. Or maybe you should think about becoming an author if you feel that your mind is very busy. Writing could be used as a therapy for those that have an overcrowded mind. As you can see, there are many reasons for which you should choose to become a writer. But you should avoid being a writer if you are looking to earn money from this work. Because usually when you are following just to earn money from your activity, your work will offer poor quality. And moreover, it is the quality which is in demand.

3. Why should I start to read author’s works?

I think that is very important to start to read only if you feel that you need to do this. Reading is not an obligation, in my opinion. You will waste your time if you think that you have to read. Reading will develop your ideas and will enhance your knowledge. Every author’s work will be another piece that later in your life will be important. Every author expresses his experience and his ideas. Of course that you may agree with some of them and, on the other hand, you may disagree with other ones. But the most important aspect is that you will enrich your knowledge with any material that you will read.

4. Which platform should I use for writing?

Nowadays there are many places where you can write. You can write in the classic style, on paper or you can write on the online media. Wherever you will choose to write, the most important aspect that you should follow is the accessibility of your material. Both works – on paper and online – should be of high quality and easily accessible to the readers.  You can write classic books, e-books, on blogs or other online sources. Of course, that every option will have costs depending on the quality and visibility of your work. But the most important is to write where you feel satisfied.