The Society of Authors is a non-profit making organisation, founded in 1884, “to protect the rights and further the interests of authors”
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Society of Authors in Scotland

Despite not having a separate office, the Society of Authors in Scotland organises its own activities through a Committee of volunteers, which is currently formed as follows: Nicola Morgan (Chair), Carol Campbell, Keith Charters (Treasurer), Viv French, Angus Konstam (Hon Secretary), Susie Maguire, Eric Swanepoel and Naomi Tarrant.

Activities of the Group are often reported in The Author, and members of the Society living in Scotland are sent all relevant mailings automatically. To view a report of recent activities of the Group, click here.

The Group’s Liaison Officer in London is Anna Ganley

Members can access information about the Society of Authors in Scotland by clicking on the following link: Society of Authors in Scotland