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Management Committee Election

Updated: 25 July 2013

This autumn Anne Sebba, Patrick Barwise and David Kynaston will retire from the Management Committee. Anthony Horowitz retired earlier in the year. The authors remaining will be Alison Baverstock, Andrew Crofts, Gregor Dallas, Juliet Gardiner, Philip Gross, Daniel Hahn and James Runcie.

At its meeting on 15 January, the Management Committee discussed and voted for the following Management Committee nominated candidates for the four vacancies: Nicola Beauman, Nell Leyshon, Andrew Lycett and Stewart Ross. We have now received  nominations of Peter Groves, William Horwood and Charles Palliser so there are seven candidates for the four vacancies on the Committee. You can read each candidate's personal statement here.

Ballot papers have been sent with the Summer Author for UK members and separately for non-UK members. Joint members who receive only one copy of The Author will receive a second set of ballot papers by separate post shortly. Ballot papers should be returned to the Electoral Reform Society, in the envelope provided, by noon on 24 July.

The deadline to vote has now passed and members will be informed of the results shortly.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of serving on a committee or otherwise becoming more directly involved in the Society's activities or if you have any questions about the election process, you are warmly invited to contact Nicola Solomon at any time.




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