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The ReLire Project - a note to members

Updated: 29 May 2013

A French website called the ReLIRE project is aiming to give access to a list of twentieth-century books which are still under copyright but no longer commercially available. If the respective copyright holders do not oppose this, their books will be transferred to collective management in September 2013 and may be reissued for sale in digital form. The Society advises its members to search the current register on the ReLIRE website in order to check that they are not listed there. Please note that this project does not include books that were published outside France nor does it include translations.

The Minister of Books and Reading from the Department of Media and Culture in France wrote to our new president, Philip Pullman, on 22 May to reassure British and foreign authors about the implementation of the ReLire project. Read the full letter and a clear explanation of the project.

Although this letter should offer authors some peace of mind, you can still access details on the ReLire Project website of what to do if you do find your name listed there and wish to oppose the transference of your rights to this collective management. Should you find your name listed, you will need to complete the form given on their website here. There are separate forms depending on if you are the author or a claimant of copyright.

As the site is in French, you can translate it using Google or you can download the relevant translations below in order to assist you:

If you have any more concerns about this, please do contact the Society directly.

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