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The Society of Biology Book Awards

The Society of Biology Book Awards celebrate the best biology, biosciences and life sciences writing published the previous year. Entries are invited for 2014 in the following categories:

  • Undergraduates textbook (£500); for an outstanding biology/biosciences/life sciences textbook for undergraduates.
  • Postgraduates textbook (£500); for an outstanding biology/biosciences/life sciences textbook for postgraduates.
  • General biology book (£500); for an accessible, engaging and informative life-sciences book written for a non-specialist audience.

Download the entry form here

Please send the completed entry form along with 5 copies of the book to Sarah Baxter, The Society of Authors, 84 Drayton Gardens, London, SW10 9SB.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday 30 April. 

For further information about the Society of Biology Book Awards, email Sarah Baxter or telephone 0207 373 6642.


Undergraduate textbook category:

Dr David Slingsby

David was Chair of Education of the British Ecological Society for 9 years and is currently editor of the Journal of Biological Education, a senior biology A level examiner, and a tutor with the OU on three modules (evolution, ecosystems and human biology). He has over 30 years' experience as a biology teacher.


Dr Clare Miller

Clare is a senior lecturer in microbiology at the University of Lincoln where her research involves utilising a range of biophysical techniques to study interactions between antimicrobial agents and bacterial cells. She is also interested in the dissemination of microbiological information through traditional and social media. Before working in Higher Education she was a teacher and continues to work as a senior GCSE science examiner.



Professor Jenny Morton

Jenny is Professor of Neurobiology at the University of Cambridge. She is based in the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience where she works on Huntington's disease. She is particularly interested in sleep and circadian disorder, as well as cognitive decline in neurodegenerative diseases. She is Director of Studies in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at Newnham College, Cambridge, where she also teaches pharmacology to undergraduates.

Postgraduate textbook catergory:

Ian Carter
Ian Carter followed a zoology degree from Durham University with several years’ research experience in Brunei and Sarawak looking at rainforests, and then a PGCE at Cambridge University. He is a Fellow of the Galton Institute, which is involved in human genetics research. He has been chief examiner for S level, principal examiner for A level, a question setter for AEA papers and chief examiner for the Government KS3 Science papers. He continues to contribute articles to The Biologist and The Journal of Biological Education and is currently associate editor of the School Science Review.


Dr Sue Howarth
Sue is a senior lecturer in secondary science education at the University of Worcester. Before working in Higher Education she was a teacher and won the Society's Teacher of the Year Award. She is on the Publications Committee of the Association for Science Education, and on the Editorial Board of The Biologist.



Dr Ian Turner
Ian is a senior lecturer in biology and forensic science and a learning and teaching advisor at the University of Derby. He is chair of the Derbyshire Branch of the British Science Association and sits on the general committee. He is passionate about higher education, innovative teaching and assessment and science communication.


General Biology Book Judges:

Dr Lewis Dartnell
Lewis is a UK Space Agency research fellow based at the University of Leicester. His field is astrobiology and the search for life beyond Earth; his research focuses on the planet Mars, and how long hardy microbial life, or signs of its past existence, might persist in the cosmic radiation of the martian surface. Lewis also holds an STFC Science in Society fellowship and speaks regularly at schools and science festivals, as well as freelance writing for newspapers and magazines. He has published three books: Life in the Universe: A Beginner's GuideMy Tourist Guide to the Solar System and Beyond and The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch. See: www.lewisdartnell.com

Dr William Marshall
William has recently retired as clinical director of pathology and consultant clinical biochemist at The London Clinic, a leading London independent hospital. He is author of the standard UK undergraduate and postgraduate textbooks in clinical biochemistry and has contributed to and edited several books for the Association for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine.


Martin Redfern
Martin has spent the last 25 years producing the BBC Radio Science Unit. He has extensive writing experience for magazines and newspapers and won the 2005 Association of British Science Writers Science Writers' Award.



Connie St Louis
Connie is a freelance broadcaster, journalist, writer and scientist. She is director of City University London’s Science Journalism MA. Connie is a recipient of the prestigious Joseph Rowntree Journalist Fellowship to write a book based on her acclaimed two-part Radio 4 documentary series Raising Ham.


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