The Society of Authors is the only society that has been working to protect the interest of professional authors around the world. The society was originally established in the United Kingdom and has been operating for a century now. Today after so many years SOA is catering around 9000 associates and members. The members and the associates of SOA are people from different professional and cultural backgrounds.

SOA: Common Operations

As stated above the main purpose behind the establishment of SOA is that its works for the protection of professional writers. The staff of SOA consists of professional individuals who assist the members with their queries. Some common services that are provided by SOA include solving contract issues (individual and confidential) and disputes of professional nature. Apart from solving writer issues the society is also very active in holding seminars and meetings.  Frankenstein01

The society of Authors also publishes a very educational journal by the name of “Author”. The journal is printed quarterly and is read by a good number of members and associates alike.  SOA also issues wide variety of prizes as well; the most famous among these prizes is “Authors Foundation”. Furthermore, there are many other awards and prizes also given by the Society of Authors to deserving candidates.


The internal operations of SOA are very smooth and effective. The reason behind this smoothness and effectiveness is the efficient organizational structure and working. The SOA is being majorly operated by a management committee having 12 members. All of these 12 members are professional writers and their maximum term as members is 3 years. The current president of SOA is Philip Pullman and the current chairman is David Donachie.

As mentioned above, the working of the society is quite fluid overall where day to day operations and matters related to administration are being dealt by the chief executive (Nicola Solomon) and her team of experienced individuals. While the critical decisions related to policy matters etc. are being taken by the management committee itself. The team members or the operational employees also can express their feelings and they have the right to advise or share their opinion to their superiors as per the given situation.

Since its inception SOA has served the writing professionals honestly and professionally. The society was instrumental and very vocal as far as changes in libel laws and copyright is concerned. The gigantic task of establishing ALCS was one of the major achievements of the society. If you are a person associated with writing profession then the society of Authors is a perfect platform for you. You can easily become the member of this wonderful society and share with their professional team whatever problems you face. The professional team of SOA will look into your matter carefully and will solve your problem or issue as quickly as it can. The presence of 9000 members is a guarantee that the society delivers to its members and is the ideal place where your professional issues can get addressed.

Hello to everybody! My name is David and I’m an author. I’m glad that I’m part of the great “Society of Authors Across the World”. I’m sure that everyone loves to express his/her opinion and thoughts. But not everyone has the courage to do it. I think that I had realized that I really love to write when I was in high school. At that time I wrote a story for my literature class and my teacher was extremely satisfied with my work.

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