The society of authors which originated in United Kingdom has been in operation since the year 1884. The trade union has been solving problems and standing up for the rights of professional authors and writers for at least a century now. The unique benefits which the society brings to its members are many and perhaps this is the reason why currently there are 9000 active members and associates in the society. The number is increasing day by day and more people are joining this exceptional club of professional authors and writers. Though a lot has been discussed about the benefits one may achieve by becoming the member of this prestigious society however a little has been discussed about what it does. In this article we will discuss some of things which are done by SOA.


Philip PullmanThe president of SOA is Philip Pullman, while David Donachie is handling the professional duties of a chairman. Apart from these two designations the third entity which plays a major role in the decision making of the union is the management committee. This management committee consists of 12 members and all of them are writers. The operations of the company are such that the CEO is responsible for the administrative matters however the policy decisions are taken by the management committee itself.

Things done by SOA:

Apart from United Kingdom there are many other countries as well where SOA is established. In all of these countries the services which are being provided by SOA is the same. The first task, among the various other activities that the SOA performs is “Advocacy”. Advocacy means that SOA actually arranges campaigns and make the government aware about specific issues that are Advocacy_Graphicfaced by the authors. The advocacy is done by SOA through its subsidiary groups.

The Society of Authors also is very active as far as giving advice to its permanent members is concerned. The advice is more related to contract vetting. The advice is useful for the members and helps them in making smart decisions. The SOA also organizes various events. These events vary as per the situation and task at hand. However some common events initiated are conferences, workshops and seminars.

It is quite well known that the society of authors is a very professional trade union hence all of its operations are systematic in nature. The society tries to keep its member happy and for this purpose they initiate journals like “Author” which is a comprehensive and informative text. The SOA gives prizes as well.

These were some of the basic functions which are executed by the SOA. These things were just an icing on the cake. By becoming the member of this professional society you will see that you will gain much more value as compared to what was promised to you. Becoming a member is not rocket science all you need to do is establish your contact with staff of SOA and they will definitely brief you regarding the process.

Hello to everybody! My name is David and I’m an author. I’m glad that I’m part of the great “Society of Authors Across the World”. I’m sure that everyone loves to express his/her opinion and thoughts. But not everyone has the courage to do it. I think that I had realized that I really love to write when I was in high school. At that time I wrote a story for my literature class and my teacher was extremely satisfied with my work.

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