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The Society's website has changed. What's different?

If you regularly use this website, or have a profile on either of our searchable databases, you may notice that it has undergone some changes.

Some pages have a new location (for example 'Subsidiary Groups' now come under 'About us'). If you are unable to find what you are looking for, it would be appreciated if you could use the site map or 'search this site' facility before contacting the office.

Improvements have been made to the searchable databases - an increase in the facilities that are available, and profiles that are easier for members to maintain. You may now upload a photo to your profile, and advertise and sell your own books through the new 'bookshelf' facility, in addition to writing a personal statement and listing your subjects and the types of work you are prepared to undertake (e.g. giving talks, ghosting).

If you previously maintained a profile on the 'search for a writer' or 'search for a translator' database:

  • you may find that the information previously given on your profile has failed to transfer across to the new site - an unavoidable, but unexpected (and frustrating) outcome of the 'move';
  • you may find that your personal statement has transferred across, but only some of your chosen subjects and languages are there - a result of the recategorisation of these lists (in order to give members a wider choice);
  • you will also find that privacy settings have been reset to the highest level ('Do not display any specific contact details for my entry - I prefer to be contacted via the Society'), a necessary precaution to ensure data security during the upgrade.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the transfer of information. If you have any queries or experience any difficulties with the new site please feel free to contact Anna Ganley, though you may find our instruction sheet answers your questions.


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