Best 5 Books For Interior Design Students

Picture of Books For Interior Design Students

Are you a student of interior design looking to find great books that will help you bring your imagination to light. Are you looking for practical books that will integrate all the principles of design and techniques for practical use?

Here are the best 5 books for interior design students that will bring the core of your course into bright light.

What Are The Best 5 Books For Interior Design Students? Spatial Strategies for Interior Design by Ian Higgins, Architecture: Form, Space & Order by Francis D.K Ching, Interior Design Master Class: 100 Lessons from America’s Finest Designers on the Art of Decoration , Interior Construction & Detailing for Designers & Architects by David Kent Ballast and The Codes Guidebook for Interiors by Katherine E. Kennon.

These books listed above are major books you could read over and over again. The writers/designers are seasoned and recommended for both beginners and students.

These books provide you with information on interior detailing, great advice, residential code, business practices, and interior design as a trade.

Here is a better look at these books for you to make the choice of which book you need presently.

What Are The Best 5 Books For Interior Design Students?

1. Spatial Strategies For Interior Design:

This book provides you with every detail from the initial briefs to the completed interior. The author does a great job of combining theories with practical steps on creating awesome interior designs.

The book was written by Ian Higgins who is a senior tutor with the RCA’s MA Interior design program. This book is easy to read and simple to understand.

The book is truly indispensable for all students at any It provides you with fascinating examples of redesigned houses. It also provides details of how to do ornamental and storage facilities’ history to inspire interior designs.

2. Architecture: Form, Space & Order:

This famous book was written by Francis D.K Ching. He explores the basic principles of form, space, and order in his book. These are the primary building blocks in architecture and interior design.

The book provides you with examples of historical architectural designs and how to incorporate them in real-life. The books provide you the necessary skills needed to incorporate basic principles of form and space in great and beautiful ideas.

3. Interior Design Master Class: 100 Lessons From America’s Finest Designers On The Art Of Decoration:

This book provides you with about a hundred essays from great interior designers. These designers had their different specialties, some were genre, some classic ad modern. This book pinpoints so much knowledge, insight, experience, and legendary works.

This book is a landmine for students and practicing interior designers. The book provides you with detailed processes for designing a home, office, and from the very scratch to the very end with vivid details.

The book is grouped into sections such as style, floor, glamour, vintage, etc. Each section had a contributor making it unique.

This kind of book is a great book you can easily refer to over and over again for inspiration, guidance, and advice. The book was edited by Carl Delltore.

4. Interior Construction & Detailing For Designers & Architects:

This book provides you with details and the interior construction required. This book was written by David Kent Ballast who is a licensed architect with experience in teaching for over 20 years.

He owns an architectural firm and management services in interior designs. The book is a complete guide for students, interior designers, and architects.

The books contain a clear and detailed explanation of how to pick adequate materials and determine the correct techniques required for each task or work. All of these make this book a good pick for just any architect or designer.

5. The Codes Guidebook For Interiors:

This is an epic book with two authors who are both authentic and strong designers by name Katherine E. Kennon and Sharon K. Harmon. The book provides you with the codes for interior design. All the codes were properly explained for easy understanding.

The book makes all the complex principles simple by how they were incorporated with real-life experience. The book also shows how these codes can be incorporated into real-world projects. The book is a rich practical book with amazing illustrations.

The book has been equipped with the latest standards from ICC, NFPA, ANSI, ADA, and others. The latest edition of the book comes with complete instructions on building safety, sustainability and design.

What Are The Top Interior Designer’s Inspirational Books?

Looking for some inspiration to sparkle your ideas and make them shine brighter? Here is a list of great inspirational books.

  • Make Yourself at Home: Design Your Space to Discover Your True Self written by Moorea Seals
  • The inspired room was written by Melissa Michaels
  • The finer things was written by Christiane Lemieux
  • The Maker: Beyond Decorating, Crafting A Unique space written by Tamara Maynes

At What Price Can One Get Interior Design Books?

The prices for most of these books are readily available on Amazon, eBay, online stores and even some local bookstores. Here are some of the prices of interior design books for students.

  • The price for the interior design master class book is $34.
  • The price for the code guide book for interiors is $64.89.
  • The price for the Interior Construction & Detailing for Designers & Architects is $179.94.
  • The price for the Spatial Strategies for Interior Design is $35.28.
  • The price for the Architecture: Form, Space & Order is $32.94.