Best 5 Books For Weight Loss Motivation

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Most weight loss books can be so exhausting that you quickly give up on your weight loss goals. Today, we will be providing you with the best 5 books for weight loss motivation.

If you have tried dieting and exercising but till find it so hectic and discouraging. Then these books are a good start to help you pick up the pace towards your weight loss journey.

These books will provide you with the motivation you need to push harder towards your goal of weight loss. Although they are motivational books, the books can help you transform your mindset.

They are a major support system to help further your weight loss journey. First, your mind must be set for you to able to lose some weight. With these books, you can go ahead and reach your goals.

List Of Top 5 Books On Weight Loss Motivation

1. Never Binge Again:

This book will help you to reprogram your mind to think as a slim person would and motivate you to stop binging on food. One very good part of this book is the fact that it focuses on you. If you are having trouble emotionally or you have been stressed out, and it is the reason why you binge.

This is the right pick for you. The book is written by Dr. Glann Livingston, he is a veteran psychologist. The book focuses on your healing emotionally and self-love. In the books, the author shared various means of isolating and completely getting rid of the “fat mindset”.

The author was a former binger who decided to carry out self-funded research with well over 40,000 patients. Through the research, he understood the nature of bingeing and overeating which is also contained in his book.

2. Half-assed a weight-loss memoir:

This book has more of a personal approach to it. The author of the book by name Jennette Fulda took such a personal approach that made it so easy to relate to and a bit hilarious. You can read this book on the beach.

She beautifully described her story of how her weight was affecting her but she took no action until after a year. She described her journey of making the right choices of eating better and committing to exercises.

She does a great job of writing her story beautifully and honestly which is what most people can easily connect to. This book gives so much motivation and inspiration for overcoming weight loss struggles.

3. 20 pounds younger:

This book is written by Michelle Promaulayko, she is an editor in Yahoo! Health. Although the book focuses on women and aging. It can help you understand aging and losing weight in general. It helps you understand the challenges that come with weight loss and aging.

It describes how as you age many areas of your vigor changes. Her book focuses on your lifestyle so that you can feel and look good. The book also points out the challenges women face when they try to lose weight.

She also described things that crush women’s confidence. She also described how to deal with belly fat, cravings, emotional eating, and how to manage them.

Through the book, she also gave tips on how to enhance body skin as you age and how to sleep better. This book is an information-packed one that you can take delight in and will uplift you.

4. Thin for life; 10 keys to success from people who have lost weight and kept it off:

This is a great motivational book for you if you get encouraged by the experiences of people. This book is not the normal diet book and it will give you the courage to embark on your weight loss goals.

Its basic power is in the variety of stories it tells so beautifully. This book is written by Anne Fletcher.

She does a good job of not just telling the weight loss journey of about 160 individuals but also giving in detail the methods they used. She also describes why each method works best for them.

Picking this book will give you a great chance of selecting a method that suits you and you could get inspired by one of the stories from this book.

5. 8-minutes in the morning:

This book provides you great daily habits that are healthy. The main information contained in the book is that you can lose weight by a daily exercise of 8 minutes every morning. The book also contains moves that are easy with no technicality.

Also, you get daily inspiration and you have to set a goal to exercise for 8 minutes daily. In the book, you will learn how to take foods that will sustain you and not deprive your energy.

The book was written by Jorge Cruise and when you get one, you will gain access to his Cruise online community which can serve as a support and accountability group. You also get to keep a journal. If you require a specific plan to get started, this book is the right choice for you.

How Much Do These Books Cost?

The prices of these books are not expensive. But if you are working within a budget, you can check out the price that best suits you. The prices of most of these books do differ sometimes as a result of location.

You can check out the price of each of these books on Amazon and the prices range from $7- $20 for most of these books. You can also check for them at local book stores around you.

Can One Get These Books In PDF Or Audiobook?

These books are available in PDF and audiobooks but they are rarely free just a few of them are free. You can get some of these books in PDF formats on this site –, and other online bookselling platforms.