Best 5 Books On Dating After Divorce

Picture of Books On Dating After Divorce

Researchers have taken out time to observe human behavior at different levels and stages in life. The behavior of a salesman trying to meet a target to that of a student aiming for good grades has all been studied. We are social beings and therefore act accordingly.

There are some highlights in one’s life which one cherishes forever. Memories like the first job, the first house or car, marriage.

Everybody wants moments like these to last forever. However, some things are inevitable, things like failure, disappointment, and even divorce.

The more important focus should be on how to come out of these situations when they eventually happen. So what do you do after a heartbreak or after that setback? You get yourself back up and get right back at it.

So, have you found yourself single again after many years of marriage, and you have forgotten how to mingle again? You are not alone. There are a thousand and one people just like you facing the same problem as you are.

Thankfully, some books help guide us back into the technicalities of how these things work. These books have been proven to be very helpful to people.

Best 5 Books On Dating After Divorce

1. Have Him at Hello:

The reason why this book is at the top of the list is that the first impression lasts. The author of the book, Rachael Greenward conducted research that lasted for about 10 years.

She carried out interviews with over 1000 men. The purpose was to find out the reason why these men continued to date the same lady and not others. Her findings were amazing.

2. He’s Not Just That Into You:

It might be difficult to know how to read the signs and signals of a person who is not interested in you. While some signs are very obvious, others are not.

This book will help you know who is on your side and who isn’t. There are no excuses. Some dates are not meant to have a repeat, it’s better to read the signs and terminate things to avoid heartbreak.

3. Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man:

One of the after-effects of a failed marriage is usually a lack of self-confidence, especially on the side of the woman. Because of all that residue, the lady might approach dating with low self-esteem.

Steve Harvey addressed this issue in the book.  Self-confidence is very important while dating. No matter the age or status of a lady, having the right mindset is what matters.

Men can easily perceive a lady with low self-esteem from a distance and will prey on her. To avoid all the breakups that come with unsuccessful dating life, upgrade your thought pattern.

4. Real men Don’t Text, A New Approach To Dating:

In a world where communicating over the phone and through texting is the norm, you could easily get confused as to who is interested in you. In this book, the authors explain how texting could create the illusion of intimacy where there is none and an inevitable heartbreak is fast approaching.

The book explains how to avoid falling into this pitfall and have open and clear communication. A little hint, nothing should replace an open conversation.

5. Love At First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating:

While others are bolder and can launch out in person, others are not so privileged. For such people, online dating is a very good option. But being naïve could cause a lot of harm for a person who is new at this.

The book, Love At First Click would go a long way in helping. There are various tips on how to go about getting the attention of the type of person you want and how to maintain a good conversation without appearing too clingy or desperate.

5 Best Dating Novels To Read After A Divorce

A lot of people will either tell you that they find it too stressful to read a book or they are too lazy to. While a book might seem strenuous, a novel seems to be more alluring. This is truer if the novel has a very captivating storyline with a good plot.

There are more than 100 novels made available for reading after a heartbreak. A few of those novels are:  For love alone by Ivana Trump, The relationship riddle by Susan Paulson Clark, The sweetest Thing by Jill Shalvis, Beautiful Essence by Love Journey and Charmed by Beth Chiota.

Any of the above-mentioned novels are great as they do not just entertain you, they also guide you as to how to have a successful dating life. Although one should be careful not to get one’s head in the cloud.

While there would be lessons to be learned, it is better to read with caution and apply wisdom in making decisions. Beyond reading these books, it wouldn’t be too bad to also seek counsel with experienced people. No knowledge is a waste after all.