broadcasting group

Broadcasting Group

The Broadcasting Group represents all Society members working in radio, television, film and other such broadcasting media within the UK and, where possible, abroad.

To be eligible for membership you need to have written and had broadcast at least two scripts for radio or television of at least twenty minutes’ duration.

The main thrust of the Broadcasting Group is to support members by negotiating minimum terms agreements with organisations such as the BBC, by promoting legislation for the benefit of members, to provide day to day professional advice and to hold seminars and meetings on matters of concern to broadcasting writers.

A committee of ten elected members runs the Group and their term of office lasts for three years. Any Broadcasting Group member can apply for a position on the Committee provided that they have the support of two members. The Chairman is elected by the members of the Committee.

The Broadcasting Group Secretary, Jo Hodder is now on maternity leave.  In her absence please contact Rose Hudson with all enquiries.

For further information on recent activities, rates, meetings and other useful information please click here: Broadcasting Group

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