eligibility criteria


Eligibility criteria

To join the Society please check that you meet one of the requirements listed below and then complete the application form.

If you have any queries please contact the Society’s Membership Secretary, Emma Winnifrith.

Membership is open to:

  • writers, illustrators and translators who have had a full-length work published (not at the author’s expense), broadcast, or performed commercially
  • those who have had at least a dozen occasional items (eg. articles or short stories) published or broadcast
  • those who are the owners/adminstrators of a deceased author’s estate
  • those who have published their own work, themselves, as a profit-making enterprise (subject to sufficient sales – please see application form for details)

If you have not had any work published yet but fall into one of the following categories, Associate membership may be offered as an alternative to Full membership (where appropriate):

  • those who have received an offer to publish or broadcast a full-length work (without subsidy by the author)
  • those who have received an agreement from an agent but have had no work published
  • those who have been published on a print-on-demand basis
  • those who self publish
  • those who have been offered a contract which asks for a contribution towards the costs of publication

Election to membership is at the discretion of the Management Committee.