Can I choose how I want to be contacted by people searching the online database?

Yes. In your privacy settings you are able to choose ONE of the following options:

•        I would like to be listed in the searchable online database (you will then be asked which contact details you would like visible on your online profile and who you would like to view these details – see below).

•        Display third party contact details for my online entry (e.g. agent/publisher/P.A.).

•        Do not display any contact details for my online entry – I prefer to be contacted via the Society.

•        Do not list my name in the searchable online database.


If you do choose to display your contact details on the searchable database, the following settings can be used separately for your address, telephone number, email address and website address:

Never Show Anyone – this means that the above information is only visible to you and the Society’s staff when logged-in (recommended for all addresses and telephone numbers).

Show Members Only – this means that the above information is only visible to other members logged-in to the website.

Show Everyone – this means that the above information is available publicly and will appear on internet searches such as Google.

Please think carefully before choosing your privacy settings.

For further information about the Society’s privacy policy, please click here

If you have any queries please email info@societyofauthors.net or contact the Society’s office by telephone on 020 7373 6642.

We aim to reply to emails from members as soon as possible. If you have not heard from us within a week, do email us again to make sure we have received your initial email. If you experience difficulties sending/receiving emails to or from the Society, please contact the office for assistance.


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