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The Tinniswood Award

This award has been established by the Society of Authors and the Writers’ Guild to perpetuate the memory of Peter Tinniswood as well as to celebrate and encourage high standards in radio drama.

You are invited to send in any radio drama first transmitted within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland during the period 1 January-31 December 2007. Submissions must come from the producer and are restricted to a maximum of two entries per producer.

The work must be an original piece for radio, and may also include the first episode from an original series or serial. If submitting 15-minute episodes from a series or serial we will require consecutive episodes (including the first episode) to make up at least 45 minutes. The judges reserve the right to call in the subsequent episodes if required. We welcome 30-minute plays provided that they were stand-alone and that characters and situations are original to the writer.

An adaptation for radio of a piece originally written for any other medium e.g. stage, television, film, novel, poem or a short story will not be eligible.

Please contact Naomi MacDonald at the Writers’ Guild, by email or on 020 7833 0777,  if you would like to discuss entry requirements.

Entries should be sent to: Tinniswood Award, Naomi MacDonald, The Writers’ Guild, 15 Britannia St, London, WC1X 9JN.

A £50 cheque, made payable to ‘The Writers’ Guild,’ should be sent with each entry.

Download a Tinniswood Award application form here.

Deadline for entries: 31 January 2008


The 2007 Peter Tinniswood Award of £1,500 was jointly presented to:

Mike Bartlett for Not Talking, BBC Radio Drama, R3

A powerful, contemporary drama that both shocks and edifies.  The author cleverly weaves together dysfunctional characters and diverging timelines to create a compelling narrative where two different generations of characters seek a dubious and at times dangerous consolation in “not talking”.

Repeated on Radio 3, Saturday 29th December 2007

Rachel Joyce
for To Be A Pilgrim

A radio play whose deceptive simplicity conceals a rich, complex emotional tapestry. A man goes out to post a letter, but feels compelled to carry on walking.  What follows is a radio pilgrimage that surprises and empowers both central characters and listeners alike.

To be repeated on R4. Date to be confirmed.

Mike Bartlett is currently writing a new play for R4 and his five part series The Family Man has recently been broadcast on Woman’s Hour. Theatrical productions include Artifacts which won the Old Vic New Voices Award 2006, and My Child which was recently performed at the Royal Court. He is now writing The Love Contract for the Royal Court Main House.

Rachel Joyce
has written extensively for radio. Her most recent plays include Feather (R4), Quintessence (R4) and In the Wind (R3). Rachel is currently adapting Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady for R4’s Classic Series and other adaptations include the highly acclaimed The Professor by Charlotte Brontë (Woman’s Hour, R4). Her short television film Rockabye Baby was made by Channel 4 as part of the Dogma series and Rachel is working on a new drama for television. Before writing she worked as an actress playing lead roles at the RSC and RNT.

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