Prizes, grants and awards

Travelling Scholarships

The Travelling Scholarships were established in 1944 to enable British creative writers to keep in touch with their colleagues abroad.

As directed by the anonymous founder of the trust, the Scholarships are administered by the Society and recipients are nominated by the Society’s Committee of Management.

Applications for the awards are not accepted.

Past winners of the awards have included C. Day Lewis, V.S. Pritchett, William Samson, Dylan Thomas, Laurie Lee, William Golding, Margaret Drabble, Stevie Smith, Naomi Lewis, Ronald Blythe, William Trevor, Maureen Duffy, Edward Blishen, Fay Weldon, Hilary Spurling, A.L. Barker, Sybille Bedford, Adrian Mitchell, Robert Nye, Jenny Diski, Robert Macfarlane and Helen Simpson.