Academic Writers Group

The Group, established in 2001, holds regular meetings for members, and will also try to reach, inform and recruit those in the academic writing world at large.

As academics will be aware, but other writers may be horrified to learn, just two of the main issues confronting this substantial sector of the writing community are:

  • the standard practice of learned journals to pay nothing while demanding an assignment of copyright from contributors
  • miserable terms offered by book publishers, on the grounds that many academics do not write for money.

Poor terms for publishing uncommercial monographs may well be justified. But in many cases more established writers, and more potentially commercial titles, deserve better -especially now that secure academic tenure is increasingly a thing of the past, and academic funding based on publication will benefit a specific department or institution more than the writer; and bearing in mind the sort of profits reported by a number of the leading academic publishers.

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