john florio

Prizes, grants and awards

John Florio Prize (past winners)

For Italian Translation

2008 Peter Robinson for the greener meadow by Luciano Erba (Princeton University Press)

2006 Carol O’Sullivan and Martin Thom Kuraj by Silvia Di Natale (Bloomsbury) Runner up: Aubrey Botsford The Ballad of the Low Lifes by Enrico Remmert (Toby Press)

2004 Howard Curtis Coming Back by Edoardo Albinati (Hesperus Press)

2002 Stephen Sartarelli Prince of the Clouds by Gianni Riotta (HarperCollins) Alastair McEwen Senior Service by Carlo Feltrinelli (Granta Books)

2000 Martin McLaughlin Why Read the Classics? by Italo Calvino Jonathan (Cape)

1998 Joseph Farrell Take-Off by Daniele del Giudice (Harvill)

1996 Emma Rose His Mother’s House by Marta Morazzoni (Harvill)

1994 Tim Parks The Road to San Giovanni by Italo Calvino (Jonathan Cape)

1992 William Weaver The Dust Roads of Monferrato by Rosetta Loy (Collins) Tim Parks Sweet Days of Disciplone by Fleur Jaeggy (Heinemann)

1990 Patrick Creagh Danube by Claudio Magris (Collins Harvill) Patrick Creagh Blind Argus by Gesualdo Bufalino (Collins Harvill)

1988 J.G. Nichols The Colloquies of Guido Gozzano (Carcanet)

1986 Avril Bardoni The Wine Dark Sea by Leonardo Sciascia (Carcanet)

1984 Bruce Penman China by Gildo Fossati (New English Library)

1982 Christopher Holme EBLA by Paolo Matthiae

1980 Julian Mitchell Henry IV by Pirandello

1979 Quintin Hoare Selections from Political Writings 1921-26 by Antonio Gramsci

1977 Ruth Feldman & Brian Swann Shema, Collected Poems of Primo Levi

1976 Frances Frenaye The Forests of Norbio by Guiseppe Dessi (Menard Press)

1975 Cormack O’Cuilleanain Cagliostro by Roberto Gervaso (Gollancz)

1974 Stephen M. Hellman Letters from inside the Italian Communist Party by Maria Antonietta Macciocchi (New Left Books)

1973 Bernard Wall Wrestling with Christ by Luigi Santucci (Collins)

1972 Patrick Creagh Selected Poems by Giuseppe Ungaretti (Penguin)

1971 William Weaver The Heron by Giorgio Bassani (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) William Weaver Time and the Hunter by Italo Calvino (Jonathan Cape)

1970 Angus Davidson On Neoclassicism by Mario Praz (Thames & Hudson)

1969 Sacha Rabinovitch Francis Bacon, from Magic to Science by Paolo Rossi (Routledge & Kegan Paul) William Weaver A Violent Life by Pier Pasolini (Jonathan Cape)

1968 Muriel Grindrod The Popes in the 20th Century by Carol Falconi (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) Raleigh Trevelyan

The Outlaws by Luigi Meneghello (Michael Joseph)

1967 Isabel Quigly The Transfers by Silvano Ceccherini (Eyre & Spottiswoode)

1966 Stuart Woolf The Truce by Primo Levi (The Bodley Head) Jane Grigson & Father Kenelm Foster The Column of Infamy of Crime and Punishments prefaced by Allesandro Manzoni & Cesare Beccaria (OUP)

1965 W.H. Darwell Dongo, The Last Act by P.L. Belline delle Stelli & U. Lazzaro (Macdonald)

1964 Angus Davidson More Roman Tales by Alberto Moravia Professor E.R. Vincent A Diary of One of Garibaldi’s Thousands by G. C. Abbas H.S. Vere-Hodge The Odes of Dante

1963 Donata Origo The Deserter by Guiseppe Dessi Eric Mosbacher Hekura by Fosco Maraini