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Batchconnect website now live

The Booksellers Association has now launched batchconnect, a new service designed for the exchange of promotional information between publishers, authors and booksellers. Publishers and authors can register on the site for a free trial period (the service will remain free for Society of Authors members), posting information about their books to be sent to bookshops with relevant profiles.


Batch.connect will enable independent booksellers to contact authors and publishers directly and enter details about the specific types of titles they are interested in receiving details about. Publishers will then send electronic information about those specific genres, reducing the need for mailings and printed catalogues.

The service complements the BA’s successful electronic payments and returns system Batch, which is now widely used by booksellers and publishers.

Nielsen will be the sole bibliographic data provider to Batch.connect, and it is expected that publishers will enrich the information on their featured titles in order to more effectively promote them. Nielsen will add additional features such as seamless order routing and sales data to the Batch.connect service.

Tim Godfray, Chief Executive of The Booksellers Association says, ‘The aim, of course, is to sell more books for authors, publishers and booksellers. But there is more to batch.connect than that. The beauty of batch.connect is that it isn’t just one more way of pushing books down the supply chain, its strength is in the way it connects booksellers with publishers and authors to develop relationships’. 

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