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Arts Council Literature Cuts

Although the budget of the Arts Council is growing by more than inflation, it is very worrying that a number of  small publishers with excellent reputations have been told that they are likely to lose a substantial amount of funding from the end of March. Unless the Council can be persuaded to modify its plans, the publication of translations is likely to be badly hit.

Dedalus stands to lose all its £25,000 support imminently.  In addition to campaigning for the decision to be reversed, Dedalus plans to sue the Council for ‘not following its own disinvestment guidelines’.

Arcadia is to lose 25 cut from April, followed by 28% next year.

We have written to the Chief Executive of the Council, pressing for these decisions to be re-examined.

No doubt some literary organisations will benefit under the Council’s plans for 2008/09, but the proposed allocation of funds has not been made generally known, so it is hard to put these alarming stories into the wider context.