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JK Rowling’s Litigation in America

There has been a good deal of press coverage of the litigation in New York, in which JK Rowling is attempting to prevent publication of a book, the Harry Potter Lexicon. A few commentators have expressed surprise that she should wish to stop the publication of a book developed from an internet fan site, suggesting that she has been unwise to react so firmly.

Responding to a leader in the Independent that was unsupportive of JK Rowling, a letter from our General Secretary was published. He said ‘….Authors routinely draw on the ideas of others and rarely take action, even when they consider that their own work has been plagiarised. The expense, risks and wear and tear of litigation deter all but the most robust writers. At a time when copyright is being routinely infringed, JK Rowling is to be commended for taking a stand against a derivative book, which appears to have been built entirely on her creativity… It seems that she is reacting to being mugged. Good for her.’