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The US Google Settlement

If you want no part in the Settlement, you must opt out before 4th September. Members are welcome to discuss this with us but generally speaking, in our view it probably makes little sense to opt out.  Opting out means that you disagree with the principle of the Settlement and reserve the right to sue Google yourself individually, if Google continues to digitise your work.

If you do not opt out, you still have the right (at any time – no deadline)  to insist that Google makes no use of your work under the terms of the Settlement, and in addition you are eligible for the modest payment Google is making to rights holders of those works it has already digitised.

The Settlement is currently the subject of much debate and some opposition (some of the criticism being well-informed, some of it less so) and has not yet been ratified by the US courts.  Much may therefore change in the next couple of months.  However, as it stands (and assuming you do not opt out by 4th September),  in order to secure the one-off digitisation payment you need to register as rights holder by 5th January 2010

Step-by-step guidance on how to do this is available to view/download in the News for members section of this website. Click here to view this page. (You will need to be logged-in to do this).