Why do Authors use Repetition?

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Repetition is an almost unconscious tool used by authors. I noticed the word “gun” was repeated over 30 times in a novel i just finished reading. Now, as i read, i pay more attention to an author’s motive for repetition.

Why does the author keep repeating? Authors make use of repetition to create a connection in the reader’s mind. Repetition is used to make a point, link ideas, emphasize a word, give rhythm and create a flow. The reason for repetition varies based on the writer and use.

Why Repetition is Used in Writing?

Repetition is a rhetoric device that authors use to emphasize a word or idea in a text. Repetition simply means using the same word, phrase or clause more than once. Another word for repetition is reiteration.

An author makes use of repetition to this effect in your mind. You get to;

  • Pay special attention: If you keep seeing a particular word in a book you are reading, you would, either consciously or not, pay closer attention to that word. It is like when you’re watching a movie and a character says the word, “sly” often. Before long, you are able to predict the moment when that character will use that word again.
  • Remember details: An author might be introducing a creative word that is not in a dictionary. In order to help you remember that word and its meaning, the author makes use of the word often. Details about a particular scene that would normally skip your mind, do not when the author repeats a catchphrase.
  • Feel the emotion: When you feel deeply about a subject or explaining an interesting event to a friend, you will find that you keep mentioning a key phrase or word repeatedly. It is the same effect an author tries to create for the reader. Public speakers also use repetition to covey a deep conviction to their audience. An instance is Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream”.
  • Pick up a rhythm: “It is good, It is bad, It is ugly” This sort of repetition gives a form of rhythm to the text. Repetition is used in poems to set some sort of tone. It gives the poem a kind of sing-song rhythm.
  • See a continuation: Authors can use repetition to help the reader to see a link between one part of the text and another. Some authors make use of a phrase from the text to end the text.

Do Authors Use Repetition to Reinforce The Theme?

The use of repetition in a text helps the author keep the main message in the mind of the reader. You will find that the central idea of the book you are reading, is closely tied to the word or phrase often used in the book. Your attention is often drawn to it. It will be the first thing you remember when you talk about the book. It could be a word that conveys a particular emotion.

This is one of the reasons why repetition is more strongly used in poems than in other genres. Poetry is an art closely tied to emotion. Repetition is an easy tool for conveying strong feelings about a subject.

Poets use repetition to figuratively jab at a particular point over and over. In the end, you are left with no doubt as to what the theme is. An instance is William Ernest Henley’s ending of ‘Invictus’ with the repetition of the clause “I am”.

“I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul”

When Does Repetition Become Redundant?

There is however a thin line between good use of repetition and overkill. If a writer uses a word or a phrase too much, it loses its meaning to the reader. The word or phrase is said to have become redundant. Your attention is focused on the word or phrase so much that it starts to seem meaningless.

Seeing a word or a particular idea repeated over and over in a book can get slightly annoying. You sometimes wonder if there are no other words.

There is really only a small difference between repetition and redundancy. You want to be sure your article or book is not full of redundant words. If a word appears on an average of 10 times in a 30-word article, you might need to review the use of that word.

How does repetition affect tone?

Repetition is used to set a certain tone in a poem. It creates a rhythm and might give the poem a certain sense of urgency.

What is the difference between alliteration and repetition?

Alliteration is the repeating of a certain consonant sound at the beginning of sentences or phrases, while repetition is the reiteration of whole words or phrases. Alliteration has to do with sounds while repetition has to do with words and phrases.

What Are Some Of The Best Keto Cookbook Authors?

After starting keto, I learned one of the very best tools to use was the instant pot. What’s not to love? It’s fast and easy. One cooking area gizmo that can produce lots of meals in a short quantity of time. Have a look at this post if you’re trying to find the best keto cookbooks

If you’re brand-new to the instant pot and do not understand where to start, a cookbook would be a terrific method to discover easy-to-fix meal concepts. As both keto and the instant pot have grown preferred, bloggers, cookbook authors, and keto experts have concerned the rescue.

keto foods

The Very Best Keto Cookbooks

Here, I’ve assembled a list of the best keto immediate pot cookbooks. They are terrific for all levels of cooks and keto dieters. So if you’re a novice or a pro at this way of life, you’re bound to appreciate this list.

Each book has a rating above 4 stars. You’ll find simple to follow dishes as well as relevant information for beginning or remaining on track with the ketogenic diet.

The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook by Urvashi Pitre

An included best seller on Amazon, this cookbook provides an extensive look into keto in addition to offers well-balanced meal instructions. House keto chefs can discover necessary keto information in addition to recipes that are easy, healthy and quick.

It has over 65 dishes and consists of nutritional info for each one. Each plate disappears than 12 grams of net carbs. Meal preparation and cook time take about 45 minutes per recipe.

You can find The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook at Amazon. It has a score of 4 stars and has actually been examined by 328 users.

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Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook by Katie Banks

This cookbook is beginner friendly and features information on how to use keto for weight loss. It offers details about how to follow a keto diet plan with directions on how to use the recipes and count macros.

The recipes in this book come with variations which will assist fend off dullness. Readers have the alternative go on a keto diet schedule with the guidance of the book. All the recipes are used in this consuming strategy.

The Keto Diet Instant Pot Cookbook had 4 1/2 stars and was examined by 149 individuals.

The Keto Reset Cookbook by Mark Sisson, Lindsay Taylor, and Layla McGraw

Mark Sisson is a favorite paleo diet plan blog writer for the Mark’s Daily Apple website. He is a New York Time’s best selling author who has actually assisted others effectively follow a low carbohydrate diet plan.

The recipes here were thoroughly created to help new and skilled keto dieters follow a simple method of eating with easy to prepare meals. You can also find info based on Sisson’s knowledge and experience.

The easy to follow Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook can be discovered on Amazon and comes with a 4 1/2 star rating by 64 clients.

Trying brand-new recipes makes keto fun. As it’s acquiring popularity and becoming a lifestyle, individuals are trying to find ways to keep this way of consuming.

An instant pot adds range and sustainability to the keto lifestyle. You can find recipes for breakfast, lunch or supper.

If you’re new to keto, you’ll discover an initial product that will help you in your journey. Yet these cookbooks are terrific for all levels.

The very best keto immediate pot cookbooks listed here have lots of necessary keto info. You can choose in between the digital or print editions of the books.

Keto Instant Pot by Maria Emmerich

With over 130 recipes, this keto instant pot cookbook provides keto dieters a great choice of meals to prepare. It presently has a first-class score and is the top brand-new release on Amazon.

Of all the instant pot keto cookbooks, this one has the most variety. You can expect to discover high fat and low carbohydrate soups, treats and treats. Maria likewise includes slow cooker dishes, which can also be performed in the instantaneous pot.

The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook is on Amazon. It’s standing at a five-star score and has been evaluated by 227 customers.

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500 Keto Recipes Cookbook by Amy Thompson

Up until now, this is the most significant volume cookbook. You’ll never ever run out of meal options, which is a terrific feature for individuals who are busy or not so cooking area savvy.

In addition to recipes, you’ll learn to utilize and look after an immediate pot. There are likewise suggestions that will help you follow a keto diet plan effectively.

Find out more about the 500 Keto Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook on Amazon. It currently has 4 1/2 stars and ranked by 116 users.

Best Books to Read this Holiday Season

Best Books to Read this Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving next week and Christmas is just around the corner, in between parties and family gatherings you may have a moment or two during the holidays to read a book or two.  Perhaps you might find a book or two under the tree for you.  Here are some of the best books to read this holiday season.  There are some fiction and non-fiction on this list that you should add to your reading list.

Non-Fiction Titles

Heartland by Sarah Smarsh

Growing up in the middle of the heartland, Sarah Smash takes a close look at the poverty in the area and how it becomes cyclical from one generation to the next.  As the first of her family to graduate from college she went on to be a fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.  She introduces you to her own family and how as Midwestern farmers they still had to struggle to make ends meet despite hard work.  It takes you into the world of the working poor and the challenges they face.

American Prison by Shane Bauer

Prison reform has been a hot topic in US politics for a while but investigative reporter Shane Bauer takes you into the world of private prisons.  Initially he wrote a piece for Mother Jones but then American Prison takes a much closer and more disturbing look to the cruelty and corruption in the world of private prisons in the US. Here is a look at Bauer’s experiences working in the prison.

Fiction Titles

Transcription by Kate Atkinson

If you want a nail biter this holiday season then Transcription is a must read.  The book is about an 18 year old spy, Juliet Armstrong working for MI5 back in WWII.  Working as a spy is dangerous and intense, especially for someone that young and a woman.  After the war ends she tries to settle down and live a normal life, but her enemies from the war aren’t ready to let her.

Lake Success by Gary Shteyngart

If you are a fan of Shteyngart then you know it has been awhile since his last novel.  This book introduces you  to Seema the wife of a runaway hedge fund manager and mom to an autistic son.  You can walk in the shoes of Seema on her day to day life in New York as she tries to move on and pursue a new relationship.  Despite the heavy subject matter there are parts of the book that are actually quite funny and it makes a good holiday read.

How Do You Become a Bestselling Author

How Do You Become a Bestselling Author

Every author dreams of becoming a best seller, hitting that coveted spot on the NYT bestseller comes with some serious bragging rights.  So how do you get there, how do you become a bestselling author?  It isn’t really a secret, you sell a lot of books in a very short period of time, and each list has a different requirement.  For Amazon it’s only about 500 books but the New York Times it’s going to take about 9,000 books to hit their list.  Let’s have a look at how most authors make the best seller list.


Don’t count on luck to take you to the top of any best seller list, it’s right up there with winning the lottery.  If you are familiar with the 50 Shades of Grey series then you have an example of luck.  The books were originally a piece of self-published fan fiction that became popular, it eventually caught the attention of the big New York publishing houses and a best seller was born.

Write a Really Good Book

With few exceptions all of the best sellers have incredible writing skills and the books are really well written.  These books sell a ton of copies because they are incredibly good books, especially within the fiction section.  Every writer should strive to make the best-seller list based on good writing.

A Solid Marketing Strategy

Even the next great American novel needs some marketing in order to make the best-seller list.  Your book may be better than most of the books on the best-seller list but the difference is they have great marketing propelling them to the top spot.  Combining a well-written book with some incredible marketing is how you hit the top of the best seller list.  Becoming a best seller can setup your career for the rest of your life.

Buy Your Way In

For all of your cynics out there, you were right.  Yes, you can cheat your way onto a best seller list.  You simply buy enough books to guarantee your place on the list.  However this isn’t cheap and other than temporary bragging rights it could hurt more than help.  However there are marketing companies that will help you do just that. They will make your sales look natural and get around the safeguards that are already in place that are supposed to prevent this from happening.

For an author reaching bestseller status can be a huge honor, if you did it through hard work and a well written book.  Buying your way there is probably not the best idea, the critics will eat you alive.