tom gallon past winners

Prizes, grants and awards

The Tom-Gallon Trust Award and Olive Cook Prize

Both prizes are of £1,000 for a short story. They are each awarded biennially, in alternate years.

Past winners

2008 Alison MacLeod Dirty Weekend

2007 Claire Keegan The Parting Gift

2006 Bethan Roberts An Elephant in the Thames

2005 Colette Paul O Tell me the Truth About Love

2004 Claire Keegan Men and Women

2003 Judith Ravenscroft As She Waited for Spring

2001 Paul Blaney Apple Tennis

1999 Grace Ingoldby The Notion of Deuce

1996 Leo Madigan Packing for Wednesday

1994 Janice Fox A Good Place to Die

1992 David Callard Reading the Signals

1990 Richard Austin Sister Monica’s Last Journey

1988 Alan Beard Taking Doreen Out of the Sky

1986 Lawrence Scott The House of Funerals

1984 Janni Howker The Egg Man

1982 Dermot Healy The Tenant

1980 Alan McConnell The Comrades Marathon

1978 Michael Morrissey An Evening With Ionesco

1976 Jackson Webb Vassili

1974 Neilson Graham Anscombe

1972 Kathleen Julian Catch Two

1970 A. Craig Bell The Nest / Aileen Pennington The Princess and the Pussy-cat

No Award

1966 Gillian Edwards An Evening in September

1964 Peter Greave The Wonderful Day / Jean Stubbs A Child’s Four Seasons

No Award

No Award

1959 Harold Elvin God’s Right Hand Upon My Shoulder

1957 E.W. Hildick A Casual Visit

1955 Robert Roberts Conducted Tour

1953 Maurice Cranston A Visit to the Author

1951 Fred Urquhart The Ploughing Match

1949 Olivia Manning The Children

1947 Dorothy K. Haynes The Head

1945 Jack Aistrop Death In the Midst of What

1943 Elizabeth Myers A Well Full of Leaves