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Publishing realities

The economics of publishing the midlist ► View article

The truth about newspaper book reviews ► View article 

The truth about publishers’ marketing campaigns ► View article

The Guide to Marketing Your BookView Guide

How co-edition publishing works ► View article

Problems with publishers

Your publisher defaults e.g. failing to publish ► View article

Your publisher goes into liquidation or administration ► View article

Your publisher has been negligent ► View article

The Guide to Chasing Payment ► View Guide View article 1 View article 2

Contracts and other legal issues

Negligent mis-statement ► View article

Privacy ► View article

Scribd – Letter to the Editor ►View letter

The Google Settlement ► View information sheet

The Guide to Dealing with Newspapers and Magazines ► View Guide

The Guide to Ghost-Writing and Collaboration Agreements ► View Guide

The Guide to IndexingView Guide

The Guide to Libel, Confidentiality and PrivacyView Guide

The Guide to Literary Translation ► View Guide

The Guide to Publishing Contracts ► View Guide

The Guide to Translator-Publisher Contracts ► View Guide

Business and financial matters

The Guide to Authors’ Agents ► View Guide

The Guide to Self-Publishing and Print-on-Demand ► View Guide

The pros and cons of forming a limited company ► View article

The Guide to Your Copyright After Your Death ► View Guide View article

The H W Fisher 2008 Tax Guide for Authors ► View Guide

The Guide to Income Tax 2008-2009 ► View Guide

The Guide to VAT 2008-2009 ► View Guide

Tax on Foreign Income ► View article

Love, not money: Survey of Authors’ earnings ► View article

Authors and the internet

DIY websites ► View article

Publicising yourself online ► View article

Blogging ► View article

Podcasting ► View article

Webcams ► View article

How Google rankings work ► View article

Social networking sites ► View article

Ebooks ► View article

The Ebook has Landed ► View article

Self-publishing with ► View article

Computer protection ►View article

Copyright and other rights

The Guide to Film Options in Literary Works ►View Guide

Two supplementary articles on film rights in literary works ►View article 1 View article 2

The Guide to Copyright and Moral Rights ► View Guide

The Guide to Copyright in Artistic Works ► View Guide

The Guide to Permissions ► View Guide View article

The Guide to The Protection of Titles ► View Guide

Ideas, sequels and spin-offs ► View article

Plagiarism ► View article

Rights in characters ► View article

Rights in ideas ► View article

 Other ways to make money

The Guide to Author Appearances ► View Guide

The Guide for Authors Talking in UniversitiesView Guide

The Guide for Organisers of Literary Festivals Commissioning WritersView Guide

The Guide for Schools Organising an Author Visit ► View Guide

Jack of all trades ► View article

Supplying material for TV non-fiction programmes ► View article

Writing company histories ► View article

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