What Is An Authors Craft?

Picture of What Is An Authors CraftAuthor craft is very much associated with authors and writers. Just as most professions have the materials and equipment unique to them so also do authors. Most authors make use of author-craft to engage their readers.

Having read some books, you must have noticed some of the skills most writers implore in writing. These skills make you enjoy their writing and you might end up wanting to read more of their write-ups.

What is an authors craft then? Authors Craft is a unique element, technique, or literary device authors use to make their write-ups engaging. Authors craft are tools that writers make use of to tell their story in a very interesting way. There are various tools or techniques writers engage while telling their stories.

What is Authors Craft About?

There are lots of authors crafts that writers make use of while writing. This has been classified into Narrative tools and Literary language. Narrative tools are basically the language tools used in genre writings. These are;

  • characterization
  • plot
  • setting
  • foreshadowing etc.

Literary language can be seen in any literature or write-ups. Examples include ;

  • Personification
  • Irony
  • Hyperbole
  • Allusion etc.

We will be looking at some of these tools for better understanding.

  • Characterization:- This is a way by which an author gives information about a character in his/her story. This has to do with the author providing details about their character. This is a crucial element of writing which can make the
  • Setting:- This is the environment that a writer uses to tell his/her story. This would be an era, location or geographical locations. The setting of a story can be an intriguing part for some readers, especially when describing an event to the reader.
  • Foreshadowing:- This is a means by which an author gives his /her readers a hint of what is to happen. It keeps the suspense in the readers’ mind and keeps the reader intrigued. It is more like a gathering cloud indicating rains.
  • Irony:- This is a statement when reading in context means something different. It makes the authors write-ups much more interesting. Most times irony is used to make readers pause and think about things that are more valuable.
  • Personification:- This is a figure of speech that tends to give inanimate objects human qualities. This is done by writers to make the readers relate to inanimate objects.
  • Allusion:- This is a means by which the author relates to historical events directly or indirectly in his write-up. This kind of figure of speech helps the reader connect more to the story. This is done by use of famous or commonly known quotes or arts.

Further examples of authors craft include

The number of tools used by authors cannot be exhausted. Other authors craft include: Surprise, Suspense, Description, Flashback, Flashforward, Fullcircle, Conclusion/ending, Feelings/emotions, Timelapsing/spacing, False hints, Humor, Sarcasm, Cliff-hangers, Exploding the moment – “extremely detailed writing”,

Senses used in the details: sound, smell, taste, touch, see, Epilogue, Footnotes, Writing in diary or journal style, Quotes or famous sayings at the start of chapters, Using dates or unique ways to identify chapters.

What is The Essence of Authors Craft?

One could ask what is the importance of an authors craft. For instance, when we look at different art or craft work, we could see the entire beauty of the work. But the artist made use of various techniques to convey his/her message to their audience.

This is also seen in various write-ups. All of these techniques employed by the author enables the reader to enjoy the write-ups. The major essence of an author craft is to enhance the work of the writer and make a good article for the reader to enjoy.

How to Write Using Author Craft?

Writing a good article can be quite difficult for most people. There are simple steps that you can follow to enable you to convey your message to your audience beautifully. Making use of authors craft;

  • Think of the authors-craft you would want to use and write it down.
  • Plan how your essay will go and the plot.
  • Begin by drafting down ideas.
  • Start off by writing a strong introduction
  • Write the body more elaborately using as much author crafts that you have jotted down to convey your message to your audience.
  • While writing does not totally focus on using authors crafts. You can make your writings unique with your ideas.
  • Write the conclusion with great finishing.

Why do authors make use of authors craft?

Authors have their unique reasons for writing. There can be three reasons why authors write. It could be to entertain, persuade or inform their audience. Every writer would have their unique means doing any of the write-ups. Authors make use of author-craft to convey their message properly to their audience and also create their own unique writings.

When can one use an authors craft?

An authors craft can be used at any point while writing. What is most important is that the message is understood by your audience. The use of authors crafts by authors make the work more interesting and engaging. This should be the aim of using an author craft.